Our Story

Our Oh! riginal story…

When you look at a tree, have you ever wondered how something so tall and strong could be turned into something as thin and weak as a sheet of paper?!

Now, what if something as thin and weak as a sheet of paper could be turned into a huge plant! That’s exactly what our plantable paper does! Paper that Grows

Why use our plantable handmade paper? Why not the normal paper?

Ever heard someone saying, “Paper has seven generations”? This phrase refers to how many times paper can be recycled before its fibers become too short and of not much use. By recycling one ton of paper we save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and 463 gallons of oil*.

Wow! Did you know that?

We strive to address 3 questions!

  • Why cut trees to make paper when we can reuse paper?
  • Why deny access to grannies and marginalized women?
  • Why not make India greener?

The plantable paper from us, allows you to save both energy & resources and at the same time empower women!

Now, why NOT use plantable paper?

If you know the answer now, then Hurray!! Our story is now your story too!

Our Core Team


Mrs Violet Krupanidhi
Chief Inspirer

  • Aged 85 years Mrs Violet has been the inspiration and backbone of Grandma Crafts. She served as a government school teacher for close to 35 years!
  • Keeping her believes strong and moving forward with life with a smile has been her uniqueness.
  • Until date she’s never had a maid and handles the entire household work single handedly greeting every guest with top most hospitality.
  • Her simplicity and humble attitude towards life is something that influences us at Grandma Crafts.

Mrs Shobha Shashidhar
Chief Motivator

  • Born in a small town in Karnataka Mrs. Shobha lived a normal life as a homemaker until the age of 50 years and that’s when crisis hit her hard, both her kidneys failed!
  • She underwent a transplant when her 72 year old mother came forward to donate her kidney for the transplant. After spending almost 2 years to recover she was determined to hit back at life, harder!
  • At the age of 53 she decided to setup a Boutique. She went on to pursue a course in fashion designing from an institute in Bangalore and set up her very own Boutique called Trendz Boutique at the age of 56! With whatever she had learnt, she made sure she passed on her learning and has trained and empowered a number of rural women.
  • Further, with her love for chocolates she decided to start off a chocolate store! She learnt the art of making them and yeah she did set up the store – Trendz Chocolates!

Mrs Lakshmi Devi

  • No matter how difficult or hard the situation, she handles it with a broad smile!
  • Mrs Lakshmi, hails from a remote village near Bellur cross, Adichunchanagiri, Karnataka. She was born to a deaf and dumb mother and lost her dad when she was 12 years old.
  • She moved to Bangalore along with her Uncle and Aunt. After which she dropped out of schooling during her 3rd grade. Until marriage, she used to do various odd jobs – she’s been a house maid, worked at a garment factory and then married at the age of 18.
  • Today, she has beautiful family, a hardworking husband who is an auto driver. They are blessed with two beautiful daughters one 14 and another 5 years old. She works at iSpeak Corporate Services and has a hobby of tailoring.

Mr Shanthan Malashetter S
Director & Co-Founder

  • Shanthan is a Company Secretary by qualification and practices as a Business Analyst & Strategic Consultant.
  • He’s a certified Strategic Consultant from IIM Bangalore (EEP) and also holds a certificate in Marketing Analytics from University of California, Berkeley.
  • He is the Founder – Director of iSpeak Corporate Services Pvt Ltd. He is involved in advising and serving various industry sectors for years.
  • Shanthan, strives to bring the best out of people and keeps pushing them to their fullest potential. He’s not only mentored businesses but also has mentored people to enable them to reach out to their goals! He’s reliable attitude makes people connect with him instantly.
  • He has bagged several national National Awards and has been a regular speaker on multiple media channels.

Mr Wilfred Shreyas
Director & Co-Founder

  • Wilfred Shreyas is an energetic and enterprising young graduate from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore. He further pursued his Master’s from National Law School University, Bangalore. He is a blend of knowledge and creativity.
  • Wilfred has covered over 10,000 students motivating them towards a possible career path thereby enabling students to choose rightly and bridge the gap between their passion and career. Teaching being his passion, he also coaches Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary students at various colleges and coaching centers across South India.
  • He has authored a book called- ‘Yes! I am an Idiot’ which remains very motivational and exceptional by many readers.
  • Wilfred quite often devotes his time at various old age homes and orphanages. He truly believes that there is greater Joy in Giving than receiving. He’s been a positive influence in many lives. His positivity and the nature of giving attract people to him quickly!