Granny’s Impact

Our Granny’s, they held the entire family with love, the crumpled money notes we got for our birthdays’ or whenever we visited them, the mouth watering recipes they cooked for us, have you forgotten any of these?

  • Their struggles are the reasons for what our parents are right now. Why don’t you have a look into their lives as you read this, create their daily routine in your mind.
  • They are people who had a busy life, went around wherever they wanted, doing whatever they wanted! But are they able to this independently right now?
  • How many times have you said a ‘NO’ or maybe said ‘later, now is not the time’ when they asked you to buy something for them or take them out somewhere?
    Psychology suggests elderly people tend to pass on soon when they start to believe or see themselves as a burden to their children or to the family.
  • Whatever is their kind of lifestyle or status we believe that they need to be occupied with some kind of activity/ work and more importantly feel independent!

How much have you contributed towards this?

You might be thinking how on earth is the granny involved in making the plantable paper?

In the process of manufacturing, designing and printing these amazing papers, a portion of the process see’s their presence!

It might be shredding the used paper before they are recycled or cutting the final papers into the right shapes or the Granny doing some fancy D-I-Y art! The plantable paper gets the magic touch of the Grannies.


Suppose you said what’s so great about it then imagine this:

You meet a Granny, and say what’s up!

And she says, “Hey child, I’m so excited. I’m part of Grandma Crafts. We manufacture plantable papers and create fancy stuff!”

Try and imagine how happy and proud she would be!

Join us and contribute to turn them into Super Grannies!

Also Note

All the printing on whatever we do are screen printed by marginalized urban women.

Most of our stationery & office use products are made from the loving hands of marginalized urban women.

Grandma Crafts also supports the livelihood of the marginalized urban women as they create these beautiful handmade products from papers that otherwise would have landed in the trash.
And you never know the paper you throw into the bin is finding its way into plenty of new products.