Our Story

Our Oh! riginal story

When you look at a tree, have you ever wondered how something so tall and strong could be turned into something as thin and weak as a sheet of paper?!

Now, what if something as thin and weak as a sheet of paper could be turned into a huge plant! That’s exactly what our plantable paper does! Paper that Grows

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Granny’s Impact

Ever wondered what our elders do post their retirement?

Let’s categorically analyze this situation. Maybe you have a job or you are studying at a
school or college level or you just chill the entire day with a cluster of friends!

What do you think your grandparents at home are doing in your absence?
Are there really enjoying their retired life?

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What We Do

We use 100% recycled paper and turn them into plantable paper.
The plantable paper is biodegradable. May your invitations invite people be eco-friendly and socially responsible! The garden in which it grows can be enjoyed year after year, adding a little more beauty to our world.


Seminars, Conferences, Trade Shows/Expos, Workshops, Network events, Product, Launches.



Reunions, Weddings, Birthdays, Festival, Gatherings E Cards.



Society Balls, Charitable, auctions.


Educational Institutions

Fests, Graduation, TEDx talks, Seminars.

Educational Institutions


Pen stand, Photo Album, Diaries, Scrap book, Notepad, Jewellery box, Envelopes & A4 sheets.



Our Process

Our process results in a biodegradable paper with seeds in it. They are beautifully crafted and Earth-friendly. You only have to hold it in your hand to understand the genuine artisanal quality of our paper’s texture.
We add flower and vegetable seeds to the mix in a way that retains their viability—once planted, the paper will grow into a garden – Don’t Throw the paper but watch it Grow!



Cautiously handwritten content to convey what’s in your heart & create warmth to the readers



We give life to your ideas and create a soundless ambassador for your brand / occasion


Plantable Paper

Select the seed you want in your card or choose to have flower petals



Cautiously handwritten content surrounded by thoughtful designs on a 100% recycled paper using eco friendly paints!


Whatever is your requirement at your event/ occasion, whether it is the invites
or the return gifts or customized stationery – It all grows!

Birthday Invitations

Personalized birthday invitation cards.

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Personalized grey diary with handcrafted flowers. 100 pages.

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Events & Others

Personalized events & other cards.

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Handmade Gifts

Personalized handmade gift cards.

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Message Cards

Multi coloured message cards. Printed on plantable seed paper.

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Price Tags

Customised product/ price tags for your products printed on tulsi seed paper.

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Wax Seals & Envelopes

Personalized wax seals & envelope cards.

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Wedding Cards

Simple and elegant wedding card printed on Tulsi plantable seed paper. 100% biodegradable.

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